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Yes, leelatechnologies an award-winning website development company, fully accredited by RGD Ontario (Registered website development of Ontario) as well as the GDC (website development of Canada). leelatechnologies also enjoys an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau of Canada.

Our website development firm has also won awards and various commendations for creative and professional excellence from google business.

It’s possible that we have a bias because we have worked with WordPress since 2003, but it’s difficult to argue against the most widely used CMS worldwide. WordPress is presently the most popular CMS platform, powering more than 30% of all websites on the internet.

We adore WordPress because it allows for complete customization of website design and provides unrivalled interoperability with third-party tools, platforms, and features. Not to mention how user-friendly it is, which is a big draw for our clients.

There are many possibilities and no “one size fits all” platform when it comes to selecting the finest CMS for eCommerce. To establish e-commerce websites, our web designers and developers typically turn to custom WordPress development, but this isn’t always the ideal option.

Shopify is an excellent platform to get started and test the market for your good or service if you’re a startup or a small business. By selecting a pre-built template, adding your items, and setting up a payment gateway, Shopify can be set up quite quickly. Compared to a bespoke WordPress or Magento website, the Shopify environment has fewer design and functionality possibilities, but it’s still a wonderful place to start.

WordPress powers around one-third of all websites now in use, making it the most widely used content management system in the world. Since WordPress was developed using the PHP programming language, it is an open source platform that can be downloaded and used to construct highly customised websites without cost.

With the help of its open source programming language and virtually infinite selection of plugins, WordPress is incredibly adaptable and can expand a website from a small business to an enterprise level with relative ease.

Since 2003, our web design company has created unique WordPress website designs and is recognised as a pioneer in the industry.

As more companies use their content across many platforms, headless CMS is growing in popularity. A headless CMS is simply a content management system that enables us to produce material that is not connected to a certain source, like a web page, and is instead saved outside of it. The material is instead made available as data via an API (application programming interface).

In a headless CMS, the word “head” refers to the location where the content or data is ultimately saved, whereas the “body,” or location where the content is produced and stored, is distinct from the head. This may first seem a little perplexing, but if we consider a conventional CMS, such as WordPress as an example, we can see that we log into WordPress to to develop and maintain our content. The front-end of the website then receives this material in the page theme format. The atmosphere of a WordPress website houses everything. Using WordPress as an example, a headless CMS would allow us to produce and store content within the WordPress CMS, but the content or data could be transferred anyplace else. When a company has a website, a mobile app, and interactive devices in-store that all get material from the same source, this application is quite helpful. A headless CMS essentially enables us to manage the body, which is the content or data, and select whatever head, the output source like a website or mobile app, we want to use.

The web design process is the essential step-by-step guide to creating a highly effective and functioning website. When looking for a web design firm to collaborate with, it’s crucial to meet with your top selections to ensure that you are comfortable with their design process and that they have the portfolio and reputation to earn your business. The method will differ from designer to designer.

Since 20, leelatechnologies has been refining its six-step web design approach. In order to provide our clients with high-quality design, we are always enhancing and improving our process. At the same time, we strive to keep up with the daily challenges that the fast evolving design and technological landscape provides to us.

No matter how big or little the project is, we always follow these six steps:

In order to make the best judgements possible throughout the project, we do as much discovery—gathering facts, analytics, and competition data as we can.

Strategy: We create a sitemap, a navigational interface, and an information architecture for the new website using the discovery method.

Wireframes created during our strategy phase serve as the foundation for our high-fidelity user interface design concepts in creative design.

Next, we develop the new website in a secure environment that is hidden from the public. This enables us to polish the website design before launch and put it through our quality control procedures.

Launch – To ensure that the website operates as intended on its production server, we stage it for at least two days before going live. We launch websites at approximately six in the morning to make sure we have enough time to set up the new one and work out any kinks before users start browsing it. We can now assist the launch as necessary for the entire day.
Manage and Grow: This is where most agencies stop their process. For the first 60 days after launch, we offer comprehensive, gratis website assistance as part of a process we call Manage and Grow. We continuously check the website’s performance and uptime to make sure metrics are heading in the appropriate directions.

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